For English Readers – What is this site.

About this site

 I’m creating this site to introduce the shrines and temples at Tokyo and around. Not only Asakusa, so many old and historical (and lucky) spots are there.

It is free to read!

This site is made by some persons as volunteer, then it may have mistake and wrong specification. If you want to do know much correct information, you should touch the official sites of the shrines and temples.
I would like to continue to increase the coverage of the shrines and temples and the other pages, also fix the wrong potions.

When you find any problems on this site

When you find out any problems on this site as like “not found” and so on, then please send the problem using contact page. When we find it, we will fix it as soon as we can.

So please enjoy this site, and Japanese culture around Tokyo.

About the translation

Most of the pages of this site have “Translation” bottom in the end of the page. It will translate into English. However, original Japanese specification and words including very special and old time words and concepts. So automatic translate feature cannot understand these and make incorrect translation. As you can see, Japan has the long time history, and the words are changed, and I have to use old time japanese words for writing about the shrines and temples. For example, you will find out “company”, but most of these are not correct and you should understand these are “shrine”. Because of in Japanese shrines are written in “社”, “yashiro”. The kanji word is same as “company”. So if you want to go to fine shrine, you do not need to work at there :).


You can contact to our team via contact page without hesitation.
Questions: OK! As we can possible.
English: OK! As we can possible.
Any other languages: No! (We may read old chinese letters, but cannot respond.)